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ACYBaseball Frequently Asked Questions

About ACYBA and why we are called the Raptors?

About the Armstrong-Cooper Youth Baseball Association (ACYBA)

ACYBA is a Minnesota non-profit organization (501-(c)3). We are completely run by volunteers and rely heavily on community and parent involvement to provide a positive baseball experience. We also believe that baseball can provide our community youth with highly valuable experiences that will help them to become positive and active members of their communities as adults.   

Being Raptors

Our teams are called Raptors. As the majority of our players eventually attend Armstrong HS (Falcons) or Cooper HS (Hawks), our name stays consistent with the theme of birds of prey - thus, we are the Raptors.  

Also, we regularly have two or three teams playing at the same level, e.g. 14/15U. To help identify teams, the name for these teams will also have a color - Red, Blue or Slate. [For example: 14/15U-Red or 13U-A-Blue] 


What is ACYBA Community Baseball?

The Community Division (or Rec as it is sometimes referred to) provides a similar experience as Little League Baseball. The ACYBA Community program should be considered an extension of the Little League experience and does not require the same time commitment as travel baseball.

What teams do Community teams play against?

Our teams play in local competitive leagues versus local opponents, and we host a couple of weekend tournaments at the 14/15 year old level, including for the third year in a row the Rec State Tournament, where our teams qualify and have success against the best Rec teams in the state.

How are Community Teams Formed?

Our Community baseball program forms teams with players from throughout the Armstrong and Cooper community. We use the Little League organization the player comes from, and the school they are attending, the city they live in, and friend requests to build teams.  

While ACYBA has fields in Crystal, Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, and Robbinsdale, we try to schedule games and practices based on where the majority of each Community team's families live.  

Forming teams with your friends and neighbors, scheduling games and practices close to your home, and providing everyone opportunities to play a variety of positions makes the Community program special.

How many games do Community teams play?

A standard season consists of 14 to 16 regular season games. Additionally, 14/15U teams may play in the Minnetonka spring league for up to and additional 9 games.  

Teams may also register for additional weekend tournaments to play more games. 

What Is ACYBA Traveling Baseball?

Travel teams play league games vs. teams from adjacent cities. We typically place team in the Gopher State Baseball League (GSBL) (administered by Minnesota Youth Athletic Service (MYAS).)  

What Does AAA, AA or A mean?

The following terms and definitions have been comprised through the experience and research of the MYAS Baseball Staff and are the league/division standards for levels of play.

AAA - The highest competitive level - typically the top team from a traveling baseball association.

AA - The intermediate level of play. The AA level is intended for teams from baseball associations that have already provided teams at the AAA level. 

A - The developmental level of traveling baseball. The A level is often used to place teams who are building baseball mechanics and preparing for a higher level of play.

How Are Traveling Teams Selected?

Players are selected to teams based on tryouts that are held late-winter to early-spring. 

Independent evaluators access each players abilities at core baseball skills. Players are then ranked based on their overall performance. Team coaches then select teams based on rankings and position needs, with the AAA team(s) formed first, followed by the AA team(s) and A team(s).  

Players not selected for a traveling team are invited to play in our Community league program. Every player age 13 to 15 is offered a spot on either a traveling or community house league team.

How Many Games Do Traveling Teams Play?

A standard season consists of 14 to 16 regular season games and at least 9 weekend-tournament games played over three weekends. Additionally, there is an end of year playoff that teams can choose to participate in, with potentially an additional 3 to 5 games. And finally, teams may qualify for the one to three state-tournaments. The more games a team wins in a tournament, the more games they play. Many tournaments have a pool-play/bracket-play format, which results in 5 to 6 games being played to reach the championship game. 

Teams may also register for additional weekend tournaments to play more games. A traveling-team player should be prepared to commit to 5 to 6 days a week of baseball during the months of June and July. It is expected that baseball will be their primary focus. 


What bats are acceptable for my players league?

There have been many changes to bat rules in recent years, to ensure that you are buying a legal bat for your players age and level, please check the MYAS Bat Standards webpageYou can also ask a board member or your team coach.


Please note:  ACYBA does not provide teams or players with bats.

Do We Need To Provide Our Own Helmet?

Incoming 13-year-old players receive a new batting helmet to keep (not returned to ACYBA).  

Returning players on the 14U and 15U teams have a helmet from the previous season. 14U and 15U players requiring helmets are issued a surplus helmet from the previous season (or new helmet if none are available.) 

The 16U and 19U team managers will receive mesh bags with 6 helmets from the previous year, which are returned to ACYBA at the end of the season.

Damaged helmets are replaced from used stock (if available) or new.