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2020 Covid-19 Resource Page

2020 ACYBA Parent Survey

Please complete the survey before Friday June 12. 

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ACYBA Return to Play Guidlines

As required by the MDH and CDC, you are responsible for having read all documents on this site related to COVID-19 and agreeing to all rules contained pertaining to social distancing and participation. 

Below you will find the ACYBA COVID-19 Program Statement and the Action Plan and Procedures documents.  This continues to be a work in progress and additional documents may be added.  Because the COVID-19 situation is fluid and ever changing, these documents may also be updated from time to time.

ACYBA intents to adhere to all guidelines and requirements of the CDC, MDH, and orders of the Minnesota Governors office regarding safe play and returning to the field.  The health and safety of our players, coaches, and their families, our opponents and their families, and the officials to be our first priority.

ACYBA as outlined in these documents will have a designated Social Distancing Director oversee every organized game, practice and skills session and will have COMPLETE and TOTAL authority to ensure all orders are followed.  The authority will include eviction of non-confirming individuals, and termination of practices and games. 

In addition, we will be seeking one or two individuals to support the Social Distancing Director to take and record the temperatures of everyone playing or participating in the practice or game, and record that information along with the responses to the health questionnaire before every game or practice.

These two or three individuals will be required for every game or practice and their completion of actions is necessary before anyone reaches the field of play.  Each person will be acting in an official capacity for ACYBA, and will be held accountable for performing their duties.

Any player, coach, parent of ACYBA or the opposition who is found in violation of the rules will be reported to the ACYBA Board and will be immediately suspended from attending any ACYBA game or practice until they have met with the ACYBA leadership and had their suspension removed.

Please read all material contained below!

Other Documents Related to COVID-19 and Youth Sports

Below you will find other published information and resources regarding COVID-19 and Youth Sports.

Return to Play Guidelines

The CDC currently recommends no organized sports or activities, given the many challenges of containing the virus in group settings. So, priority consideration in this document is given to lower-risk forms of participation, most of which involve free play or individual training. As COVID-19 restrictions lift and organized activities return, additional insights will be added.

Estimated field opening date

City Estimated Open Date
Robbinsdale June 15, 2020
Crystal July 1, 2020
New Hope July 1, 2020
Golden Valley July 1, 2020
Plymouth June 8, 2020