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Scanlon Field - Lakeview Terrace

Lakeview Terrace Park

3769 Crystal Lake Boulevard
Robbinsdale, MN 55422

Lakeview Terrace Park is located at the intersection of County Road 81/Bottineau Boulevard and 36th Avenue N/Lakeland Avenue N.

Scanlon Field is the baseball field closest to County Road 81/Bottineau Boulevard.

Parking is available off both 81/Bottinueau (limited spots and a short walk) and Lakeland Avenue (main lot and a walk from the outfield along the right field line)

Full-sized with 2 batting cages and lights.

General Field Maintenance

Coaches, Team Managers, Players and Parents:

ACYBA shares all fields with other leagues.  How a field looks after your team uses it reflects directly on our league and can make a difference to our access to that field in the future.

Remove everything from the dugouts, bleachers, cages and other areas of the field after each practice or game. Dispose of trash in the provided containers or take it with you.

Unless another team is waiting to take the field after your practice or game, cover the pitching mound, place all other covers and store bases, as needed, for the particular field. Uncovered mounds are easily damaged by rain and sprinkler systems and may result in game cancellations for us and other organizations. 

Please Note: All fields listed have specific maintenance and equipment instructions listed.  Please follow the instructions regarding keys, etc.