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Sport NGIN Account Registration:

You must have an account with our website which is part of the NGIN Network. You will find the LOGIN button in the upper left of this webpage. You will have an option to create an account if necessary.

  • If you already have an NGIN account affiliated with another youth sports organization, simply login using the same user/password information you chose when your account was created.

  • If you do not have an NGIN account, please set up your account.

Once your account information is established, login and return here to the Registration page.

If you cannot remember your login for NGIN, contact the ACYBA REGISTRAR


Each ACYBA family will be asked to volunteer for two DIBS shifts for the 2019 season.

Why this are families asked to volunteer?

A goal of ACYBA is to keep costs to families as low as possible. We want all players to have the opportunity to play summer baseball. As costs increase for things like uniforms, baseballs, field use, etc, ACYBA has been hosting tournaments as a way to generate revenue to offset these cost increases. In order to successfully host these tournaments, volunteers are needed to prep fields between games.

In 2019, we will be hosting the following tournaments: 

-15U AA/AAA Pitch to Pitch tournament in June

-14/15U State Rec. Championship in August

Deposit DIBS Checks

Likely similar to your Little League experience, the head coach for your players team will collect a $50 DIBS check from each family prior to handing out uniforms. (If you have more than one player, you only need one DIBS check. Thus, your $50 DIBS check will be collected by the coach of your oldest player.)

Once you have completed your DIBS requirements, your DIBS check will be shredded. However, if you did not meet your DIBS requirements by September 1, 2019, your DIBS check will be cashed.

If you know upfront that you will not be completing the DIBS shifts, please let your coach know. Your DIBS check will be cashed and used to hire teenagers (very likely ACYBA players) to complete the field preparation work.

Please direct any questions that you may have to the ACYBA Board.

Leagues and Fees

TRAVEL - Leagues and Fees

League Fee
12U $450
13U $450
14U $450
15U $450
16U $290
19U $290

Community - Leagues and Fees

League Fee
12U $265
13U $265
14U $265
15U $265

Please note that a transaction fee will be added to the total amount at checkout. This fee covers credit card fee and processing fee to website provider.

Payment plans available

ACYBA offers a payment plan for registration fees. Fees are divided into three installments for travel teams and two installments for community teams. The first installment is due on the day that you complete the registration, with the second payment deducted in February/March and the final payment deducted in April.


Please note: the second and third payments are automatically deducted from the same account that you used to pay for the first installment.


As the season for 16U and 19U starts later in the year, please note that the installment plan has been adjusted accordingly.

ACYBA Refund Policy

All requests for refunds must be made in writing and directed to the Registrar.  All refunds will be assessed a $20.00 processing fee, plus credit card fees.  No refunds will be given once teams have been announced.   

Refund requests for season ending injuries may be allowed.  In order to evaluate the request for a partial refund for injuries, the injury must be reported to the Registrar in writing indicating the extent of the players's injury and that the player will not be able to participate for the remainder of the season. Contacting your player's coach will not be accepted as suitable notification.


PLEASE NOTE:  Partial refunds will be distributed to players who tryout for 13U-, 14U-, and 15U travel teams but are placed on house teams. 

Address registration questions to:

Rebecca Kopp

We're Looking for Coaches!

Coaching positions are available for all age groups in both the House league and Traveling league. Please visit our Coaching page or simply fill out the application below. 

More information can be had by contacting:    Dale Bjerke